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Yesterday I went to the black belt test for fellow students Roland, Jedd, Rachel, and Sunjay and a 1st degree black belt test for Kody. It was really inspirational to watch these five perform in front of the masses.I hope to be able to steal and post a photo taken by Roland’s wife Nicole of Roland breaking a board with a jumping back kick. UPDATE: got it. Through some fantastic chance skill, she shot it at just the point when his foot went through the board. Siiiick!

When this post is updated, the picture will go here.

While there, one of the junior student’s mom was telling a story of the Durham fair. Her son, Joshua, is a little kid who recently got his black belt. I’m not exactly sure of his age (UPDATE: he’s 11), but he’s a tiny little dude with epic flexibility and amazing kung fu skills. Apparently his family went to the Durham fair last weekend. At the fair was a booth being run by a few military types. You could challenge them to a push-up contest. If they couldn’t do twice as many push-ups as you, then you’d win a prize!

Now, mind you, Joshua despite his ridiculous impressiveness is entirely visually unintimidating. So I’m certain that the muscular jarheads probably didn’t think much of it when he polished off the first ten. But, come his 120th push-up without showing any sign of fatigue, they quietly admitted defeat, told him that he could stop, and gave him a prize.

I send out my congratulations to the five students who are now black belts. Well deserved, very well deserved.

2 thoughts on “Black Belt

  • 10/5/2009 at 7:10 pm

    Thanks for the support yesterday and your great comments Mike!

  • 10/6/2009 at 7:49 am

    I’m glad I went! It was really fun to watch the test. I hope you celebrated royally!


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