Dermatologists Woo!

I have been mildly inconvenienced plagued by a pox virus called molluscum contagiosum. The symptom is basically an occasional growth (think wart) that pops up on my arms and requires removal at the dermatologist office. I have become a bit of an expert with identifying them by now, so I try and hit up the dermatologist before they get much bigger than a grain of sand.

My bimonthly trips to the dermatologist have let me get to know the staff at the office. Yesterday’s trip was particularly hilarious. The staff is made up of almost entirely women. As I sat in the examining room waiting for the physician’s assistant I heard a conversation just outside my door.

Woman 1: hey, I’m thinking about making a chocolate run.
Woman 2: oh oh! will you get me some dark chocolate?
Woman 3: did someone say chocolate run?
Woman 1: Dark chocolate is SOO good. yes. I’ll pick some up
Woman 3: Can you get me some M&M’s?
Woman 1: What kinda of M&M’s?
Woman 4: Is someone making a chocolate run?
Woman 3: how about peanut M&M’s?
Woman 2: Do they have dark chocolate peanut M&M’s?
Woman 4: Oh man, I’ll take dark chocolate peanut M&M’s
Woman 5: Someone getting some chocolate?
Woman 3: If they have dark chocolate peanut M&M’s, then I’d want those too.
Woman 6: Chocolate run? I’m in.
Woman 7: Who’s making a chocolate run? I’ll get whatever they’re getting.

The women of Savin’s dermatology won’t be disappointed.

3 thoughts on “Dermatologists Woo!

  • 9/23/2009 at 2:51 pm

    Molluscum cantagiousum? I thought you got rid of them before they got bigger than a grain of sand? What about the one on top of your neck? BUUUURRRRNNNNN!!!!!

  • 9/30/2009 at 2:10 pm

    Dr. Savin in New Haven? I’ve seen him. He’s really good. Wait, did someone say chocolate?


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