Motorcycle accident

Sander: They wanted to get me to the hospital with the life-copter.
Mike D: Wow, though you weren’t hurt that badly were you?
Sander: Not even close. And the co-pay for that’s gotta be, like, eleven thousand dollars. I told them the ambulance would be just fine.

One thought on “Motorcycle accident

  • 9/8/2009 at 1:54 pm

    If memory serves, a chopper rescue from the white mountains is ~$15k. So $11k isn’t that far off for a shot in the dark guess. Glad to hear everything is ok though.

    I almost got side swiped on the expressway NB on Sunday. Hung back a bit to let the lunatic 18 year old (what it looked like anyway) fly up the highway. Only to see the license plate read “veteran”. I don’t know why but protecting your country’s citizens abroad and then killing them from within… it just didn’t sit right with me.


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