Weekend Update!


This weekend was an extremely productive one. It started with a raucous night of festive foodstuffs and the movie Slumdog Millionaire at Viv’s place. The food was, as always, over-the-top delicious. We made two treats.

First, chocolate chip cookies that easily outperformed any cookies I’ve experienced before. These were seasoned with sea salt. The saltiness was such an enjoyable complement to the sweet high brow chocolate Viv chose for the cookie. I say that we ‘made’ them, but really, Viv made them and I helped bake them. Viv had made the batter a few days earlier as these cookies require a setting time. We tried 24 hour cookies and 48 hour cookies. Viv prefers the 24 hour variety, I preferred the 48 hour type. Overall, waay way tasty though. That is certain.

The second treat were jalapeno cheese orbs. That’s not really their official name, but regardless, they were heavenly. We made a corn bread batter, added jalapenos, and then, as they cooked in a handy half-sphere baking tin, stuffed them with sharp cheddar cheese – gah, just typing about them is making my mouth water. They were AMAZING.

Friday was a success.

Saturday and Sunday saw some major housework. Special thanks to Shamus for all his help. Pictures and horror stories pending.

Saturday night I hit up roller derby. Connecticut had a bout against Boston. Boston is a very strongly rated team and they didn’t hold back in their onslaught. Stay tuned, the recap will probably post sometime mid-week.

Finally, I did give the cycling a shot this weekend. Kevin helped me fix up my bicycle and we took it for a short ride plagued with hills. It was a good workout, very invigorating for the amount of time spent on the road. My quads definitely enjoyed it. I’m going to try and work it into a cross training schedule. I’ll continue to report back. Thanks to everyone’s words of support in the previous post, it was helpful and got me trying something I wouldn’t have otherwise.

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