Quite regularly, whether I’m on the phone or just wasting away some time at lunch, I open up MSPaint (surprise surprise) and just do some doodling. Normally, I try and doodle faces or figures and normally they are complete crap. Most often I screw up either the eyes of a face or the proportions of a body so that it doesn’t even begin to resemble the picture that I have in mind.

Well, yesterday I was working on one and by pure chance it came out great! Boingboing had a short feature on Robert Ullman yesterday and so I was picturing his work when I started in on this doodle. It wasn’t actually an experimentation into faces or figure, instead I wanted to try and get Indian style sitting down. Unexpectedly, the face came out great! The Indian style sitting? Less great, but it’s still there in form. Check it out!

Without color… and with leggings and hobbit feet? or something?

With color with shorts and more normal feet.

I’m pretty proud of it. now if only I could draw higher quality faces and figures with some regular consistency.

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