A relaxing weekend

Over the holiday weekend, I must admit, I really didn’t do too much. Shaun L. and I finished watching DeathNote and started in on Battlestar Gallactica. I got a little bit of housework done and a fair bit of paperwork organization. I really have to make an effort to keep paperwork and mail organized, so I figured the only way to do that would be to start with a clean slate for July. I went through and organized everything. Such a pain, but a necessary one to be sure.

There was some mild cookery this weekend as well. Chili, coffee cakes, banana breads, and the like. Additionally, Viv, James, and crowd headed out to New Britain on Saturday night for an epic fireworks show. The fireworks were so close that after exploding the burning embers frequently passed across the zenith. It was wild fun – a long show too, maybe 30 or 40 minutes?

Kevin’s band came over on Saturday to jam, so I joined in for a bit on my sax. It was fun to bring the horn out after its extended stay in its case.

Overall, nothing too notable, but everything relaxing. Three cheers for America!

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