The last two nights have seen some epic gaming. On Wednesday night Sarah, Kevin, and I tackled Puerto Rico. I’m quite certain that this one will become a favorite. It’s got a fair bit of depth to it, and enough variety so that I imagine it’ll be played quite a bit before it gets repetitive. It does, however, require three to play. That makes it a little less versatile for a quick sit down. The setup seemed lengthy, though that might have just been because we were learning the game for the first time.

The board game Battlestar Gallactica was very unique. Jesse was in town and had played it once before. Jesse, Sarah, Shaun, and I sat down to give it a shot. It’s a semi-co-operative game. At the start, you pass out loyalty cards and you find out that you are either a human or a cylon. The humans want to jump their ship and crew to safety. The cylons want to destroy the humans. Half way through the game, loyalty cards are passed out again at which point your allegiance can change. It becomes extra interesting because you don’t know who the Cylons are. Last night’s 5 hour game went until about 1:30am, which unfortunately has left me pretty tired today. It was worth it though. Now that we know the mechanics, the next game should be significantly faster.

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  • 6/8/2009 at 10:13 am

    SO who won?! Were the humans able to overcome the treachery of the Cylons? I need to know! My first game resulted in the Humans getting 1 jump away from winning then the Cylons dropped the proverbial hammer and wiped us out.


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