Whoa there Saturday.

Saturday was pretty intense here in CT. It started with an early morning trip to Ragged Mnt with Pete, R.C. Lauren, and Evil Ben. Pete and I have started getting into the routine of getting to the cliffs at 7am. It’s perfect because CT climbers are notoriously slow started with their weekend crag expeditions. When we get there at 7, it’s pretty much guaranteed that we’ll have 2-3 hours with the rocks to ourselves before the next wave of ambitious climbers comes out at 10. Additionally, the cliff faces west so the sun doesn’t crest the rocks until afternoon – providing a cool, quiet, shady climbing locale for us. It’s so wonderfully serene at the cliffs in the morning.

I left the rocks around 11 and headed out wakeboarding with Brandon. Shaun and I met up with Brandon and John. These were my first board runs of the season. I had no trouble rising from the water, but I felt pretty consistently unstable once I established myself outside of the wake. Hopefully the day will come when I’m as fluent on the water as Brandon. Brandon had some extremely smooth jumps and looks like he’s in constant control. Color me envious. We kept it up until about 5:30 and then headed home. It was an exhausting, though truly intense day.

Sunday saw some major cleaning, some tasty cooking, and a fair bit of music with Crowd Kevin.

File this weekend under Epic.

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