Mem. Day Weekend.

This weekend was a welcome entry into Summer. After Saturday’s adventure (see feature section), Sunday saw a whole heap of house work and a super fun visit from Vivienne. She introduced me to another side of my rice cooker.

Originally, her purpose was simply to stop by and pick up her MP3 player that I had borrowed. But it didn’t take much convincing to get her to stay for some food. We made a chicken curry rice dish, but made the whole thing in the rice cooker. Chicken and everything! Rice, onions, jalapenos, a heap of spices, yogurt, chicken, ginger, garlic, and… other ingredients that I forget were all thrown into the rice cooker. Then we hit ‘go’ and 25 minutes later we had a full meal. I’ve never thought to add my meat right into the rice cooker – genius!! Now I can get all the delicious with less effort and fewer pots. Awesome! Thanks Viv!

Monday started with an early trip to Main cliff in Southington for some climbing with Pete, Ivonna B. Chu, Chris, and Good Ben (as opposed to evil Ben). We started with Kor Crack (sp?). It’s a 5.9 with a tricky roof. I climbed first, and was zipping through until I found a rock (maybe the size of a coffee can) that was both pivotal for climbing the route and also… loose. I called out to my friends below to look out and I gave the rock a pull. It broke free and trundled itself to the cliff base. Interestingly, I think that the climb should now be considered more of a 5.9+ or 5.10. Now, instead of a handy grip… you have to do an intimidating fist jam which hurts like heck.

After Kor Crack, Pete led Main Street (5.4) and I led Wishbone (5.7+ a personal favorite). This was my first real lead of the season so the adrenaline was pumping in full force. Add in some healthy sun exposure and you can be sure that I came home utterly and completely exhausted. Overall, a very enjoyable weekend.

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