The Rising Sun of Sword

Last night I hit up Kung Fu and had the exciting opportunity of getting sized for a sword. I’m in a bit of a weird spot at Kung Fu because travel has limited my class time. I’ve been able to practice a fair bit on my own, so I feel comfortable with the forms etc – but the class time is just as important because time spent in front of an instructor really helps ingrain the techniques into muscle memory. I’ve been to about 350 classes over the past 3 years. My head instructor informs me that most people have between 500 and 600 classes when they reach black belt level. I’ll have to work hard to pull that sort of class count if I want to get my black belt by this time 2010.

Last night the head instructor went through the supply closet war room hunting for the right sized sword. He picked one out and brought it to me. Receiving a martial arts weapon is about as close as I’ll get to Harry Potter receiving his Holly and Phoenix feather wand. After sizing the weapon to my frame, my instructor set it aside stating “This will be your sword. It will wait for you until you’ve reached advanced brown belt.”


One thought on “The Rising Sun of Sword

  • 5/23/2009 at 10:25 pm

    Yay, you’re awesome! I wonder when he’ll size you for your sawhorse…


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