This past weekend was pretty epic. Upon getting back from Ohio, I got a dumpster for the house of rock and proceeded to throw out most of the crap that was the kitchen ceiling. There’s still a whole heap of work to do, but I’m getting closer to the point where I can post some pictures here on the dot com.

On Saturday I got together with Darcy and the Schuster for a movie night. We checked out Brick. It was totally awesome. Brick is a Noir film (think Dick Tracy). Its complicated plot and intense 40’s era dialog was cleverly juxtaposed with the fact that the characters were all modern day high school students. Weirdly awesome. Few scenes compare to the one where the main character sat across the table from a druglord as the druglord’s mom served them cookies. Genius!

There was also some Pandemic gaming this weekend, plenty of reading time, some grilling, and a marshmallow cookfest over an open fire. Summer hit and summer hit hard.

Keep an eye out for a few new features as this week progresses. Rock!

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