This past weekend was pretty awesome! Friday started with a night of Kung Fu followed by a trip back home. It was nice to spend a little time at home. My folks are pretty wonderful people. I spent some time running some errands with my dad and tried to help my mom with dinner. At one point we were all sitting outside in the gorgeous sun reading and drinking coffee. What a luxury! It was a truly a perfect moment.

On Sunday I zipped out with Vivienne to a beginner’s climbing day at Ragged Mountain. I set up an extremely stable five-point anchor (five? excessive? perhaps. I excess the crap out of my anchors) on easy peasy Main Street (5.4). The anchor had two bomber nuts, and three cams that ranged from super secure to unmovable. Viv did super. It was her first time outside and she overcame the fear of heights and the differences of rock vs. plastic. The weather was toasty, but not too much so in the shade of the cliff. It was great. When we got back to the house of rock there was some crafting and a legendary sorbet based smoothie.

Sunday night I practiced guitar, read, and made some delicious kabobs. Is there such a thing as an undelicious kabob? I’m not sure. This one had a tasty tasty sour cream, vinegar, cumin, chili pepper sauce. Whew, A+

Add onto that the wins by the Sox over their dreaded rivals? Bottom of the ninth homer? Stealing home? Dang. It was a good weekend for Boston fans.

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