Happy Easter

Happy Easter MikeDiDonato.com readers! Mine was spent with the folks and was pretty enjoyable. The food was plentiful and the company was hilarious as always. Our Easter ham didn’t quite meet the historic glory of the Ham of ’97, but it was darn close in my opinion. We talked of crafts, roller derby, and world travels.

Speaking of crafts, I’ve started the process of turning the Proxima Centauri MSPaint into a t-shirt, though I suspect it’ll take a fair amount of time to make this shirt a reality as it’s multi-color. I’ll probably only make about 4 of the shirts because colored shirts are a pain in the butt.

On Friday night Darce, Schuyler, Viv, Kevin, Shaun, and I had a raucous night of board games and Vivienne’s famous Tomato Basil Pie. We played… 5? maybe 6? games of Pandemic. We didn’t win once with 4 people, though Viv and I brought it home in the two person version. What an amazing game! I’m confident that with some finesse we can turn our losing record around. The game has such remarkable depth.

I hope you guys had great weekends! I hope your Mondays are A+.

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  • 4/13/2009 at 9:06 pm

    I had a great weekend, involving lots of good food, plus motorcycling and sailing with Tim. (Sweetser, not Baird). Unfortunately, both of those activities are well suited for temperatures higher than the low 40’s, which we experienced.


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