OR. Part 1.


I’m back from a week in Ohio and a week in Portland, OR. When I left Ohio there was a pretty raucous illness wreaking havoc on my internals, but that too has passed. Despite that illness being followed immediately by a nasty cold, I still had an awesome week in Oregon. I arrived Friday night. Saturday consisted of some healing and some karaoke and Sunday, the adventures got underway.

Sarah and I started the week with a trip Westward to the infamous Cannon beach. It was my first time to the Pacific Ocean. Talk about a really cool location. Apparently, a scene in Goonies was filmed there, though I don’t remember which. After the beach we hit up some pretty epic little craft stores and the like which stand just off the beach. Included in the bunch was a fun kite store. Check out these kites!



When we were out there the wind was blowing pretty ferociously out to sea. I wonder if Kiteboarding is popular here when the wind is a bit more favorable. Stay tuned for more adventure stories tomorrow!

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