Oh man, yesterday was lame.

Thankfully the vomiting was relatively short lived. Also, it’s probably best that I was in a hotel room because
1) room service made no complaints about my very strange food orders
“four pieces of toast, two bottle waters, an apple juice no ice, and a ginger ale no ice.”
2) no one was ever in the bathroom when I needed to use it
3) fresh towels are that much nicer when you feel ill

Today is going much better. My sleep was very fulfilling. This morning I’m going to take it easy and work my way up to Cleveland. Once I get to the city I’ll decide if I’m up for my flights today.

Thanks for all the war stories and helpful hints in yesterday’s comments. I appreciated it greatly.

One thought on “Healing.

  • 3/1/2009 at 8:04 pm

    I’m thinking food poisoning


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