Kung Fu and Scales.

Last night I hit up kung fu for the first time in many many moons. I was pretty nervous, though I guess it went well. I hadn’t forgotten too much and I’d like to think my kicks still pack a punch (wait… huh?).

I mentioned to my head instructor that I might be going to Brazil in a few weeks.

“Where!?” He asked urgently
“Sao Paulo” I responded
“There’s a Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy there!”

It’s true. There’s an academy in Brazil. So, if I do find myself going there in the next two or three weeks, I might be able to train with my Brazilian brethren. Neat huh?

I also worked guitar scales yesterday. Alicia got me a guitar book for Christmas, and finally as things have relaxed a bit at home I opened up the book to work my way through it. At first I thought that the work was rather elementary, but by chapter 4 it started getting into some music theory and guitar techniques that I hadn’t seen before. I am really excited to dig into it deeper. Yesterday was the fourth day in a row where I practiced guitar. I’m very happy.

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