Weekend Update!

This weekend was superb. The highlight was the conclusion of my 8 hour long Saturday classes at RPI. I’ve spent 50 Saturdays at RPI in Hartford since the dawn of this program and I’m really sick of it. After class on Saturday, I went out to a celebratory dinner with Darcy and Schuyler at my favorite West Hartford burger place: Plan B. Then we went back to Darcy’s and watched Old Boy. I think it’s safe to say that it was the single most psychologically disturbing/screwed up movie I have ever seen.

Sunday a whole heap of us helped Irene move into her new place. Afterwards, Darce, Schuyler, Aaron2, and I grabbed lunch at The Funky Monkey, and then Aaron2 and I went climbing before the football game.

After months in Ohio, it was such a joy to go climbing this week. I’ve been suffering through about 4 or 5 months of sporadic exercise, so it’s exciting to work myself back into a reliable schedule. My finger strength is still there, though my finger endurance has suffered heavily. Hopefully I’ll be running laps on 5.tens and 5.elevens before too much longer.

This week will see more climbing and my return to Kung Fu. Hmm. I’ll have to make sure I eat well this week lest my body unduly suffer from the sudden return to fitness.

It’s so nice to have a life schedule again. Take that Ohio!

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