Thanksgiving approaches!

Today I will be one of those people on the thousands of planes that are going to be absurdly packed with population. I’m flying from Cleveland to Boston at 3:24 and I think I’m going to try and get to the airport around noon. I don’t think I’ve ever actually flown the day before Thanksgiving. It will probably be really relaxed and not stressful at all.

Things I’m excited about:
Family! – It’ll be nice to spend some time with the family. Sad that Alicia and Dwane won’t be able to make it, but we’ll see them at Christmas time which isn’t so far away.
Spinach balls – little spheres of AMAZING. I don’t really know what is in them but in my opinion they are the overachievers of the appetizer table.
High end coffee – from my dad’s crazy espresso machine. Important to the process is his knowledge of how to make drinks. Perhaps I can learn some of his tricks for my own espresso machine.
Friends (hopefully) – I’m only home for a short time, but I hope I get a chance to see Ted, Abby, and Steve (amongst others). I must try extra hard to see Steve because I think he’s jetting back to Israel soon for more archeological digs.

Happy Thanksgiving! Tomorrow is a special Sweater Thursday so no holding back!!! e-mail pictures to MikeDiDonato AT gmail D0T com

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving!

  • 11/26/2008 at 10:43 am

    HA! I caught you! HIGH END COFFEE FROM AN ESPRESSO MACHINE!!! Caught in your own lies!

  • 12/6/2008 at 12:52 am

    Just curious…is that better or worse than being caught in someone else’s lies?


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