Stories of Travel

I love it when pilots have a somewhat flirtatious/somewhat obnoxious relationship with their flight attendants. Excerpts from yesterday’s flight.

Pilot: “Greetings from the flight deck ladies and gentlemen, thanks for flying with us today. It’s a chilly one, about 4 degrees Celsius. If you’d like that in Fahrenheit just ask the flight attendant. She’s fully versed in Fahrenheit Celsius conversions.”

Flight Attendant:
“… and please put your tray tables in their stowed positions, we’ll be arriving at our destination in about 15 minutes.”
Pilot: “actually, it’s more like 16 minutes.”

Also a fun bonus of the flight was the pilot knew some astronomy and kind of like an upgraded version of those occasional captains that might point out cities as you fly over them, this one pointed out the constellations that could be seen from each side of the plane. Way to go Captain!

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