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The Best Lack of Sleep Ever.

Last night I sat down and hit the books to complete a vibrations exam and a bunch of academic stuff for an MBA Brookstone* strategy assignment. I didn’t get to sleep until 1:30am-ish. Then, I had to get up this morning before 6am for a cholesterol check down at the Hospital.

Tangent: The Hospital.

Meriden, CT is home to the mid-state medical center hospital. Apparently they recently did some housekeeping: the hospital is beautiful. Walking inside felt less like a hospital and more like a trip into a hotel. It didn’t smell like Hospital. It smelled… like a delicious coffee shop. And sure enough, there was a dunkin donuts inside the hospital.

The signage was extremely clear. And the interior design was really classy and warm. I never thought I’d be so impressed with a Hospital. Way to go Mid-state Medical!

Anyway… despite the paltry 4.5 hours of rest – I am feeling great today. It’s remarkable how great I feel. Why is this? we can only wonder. But somethings have definitely helped.

1. Pandora has delivered a fantastic array of rocking tunes to start my day:
Audioslave: light my way
Soundgarden: mailman
Alice in Chains: It a’int that way
Stone Temple Pilots: Down

2. I’ve been amazingly productive at work.

3. Coffee.

I hope I don’t crash in exhaustion. Today’s got such potential.

Fast Action Poetry!

Tree comes up with the most amazing suggestions in times of woe.

Mike D: this stinks Tree. one of my test problems is worth 25 points
Tree: oh i’m sorry buddy – ugh
Mike D: and I’m struggling with how to start it.
Tree: hm
Mike D: like no clue.
Tree: can you start it with a rhyme?
Mike D: ha ha ha
Tree: ha ha ha
Mike D: Vibrations result in Complications.
Expectations and Fluctuations
So please ready your Calculations
Lest our customers submit some allegations
demanding forth explanations
Ending our Occupations

Ha! i’m proud of my poem.

Sweater Thursday

It’s early, and we’ve already had a great response of Sweaters for Sweater Thursday. I’m proud of you guys. What a fantastic group of fashionable sweatery folks we are.


I’ve got a Halloween costume idea. I’m going to have to spend some time building it, but you can be certain that pictures will appear within the next few days. Irene is having a Halloween party on Saturday where the costume will make its debut. Get excited. It’ll be sweet.

*how the heck do they make money? we’ll find out!

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