Watch me.

Hello readers! I need a new watch. I’ve been watchless for at least a year now and it’s time I return to my heavy wrist ways. I have a deep appreciation for awesome fashion, but a complete ineptness in choosing my own accessories. I’m looking for suggestions. I lean favorably towards the Fossil brand, though I’m not opposed to other watches. My last watch was the Fossil Arkitekt. It was a pretty great watch. I think I’d like to keep the leather band look over the metal band look.

As for variety, Analog is a must. Part of me loves the idea of the eccentric Automatic watch. These are the watches that have an unbalanced ratcheted weight inside that winds the watch as the user moves around naturally. Apparently the newer ones have dual eccentrics (SHUT UP!) so that the watch will wind itself with both clockwise and counterclockwise motion. Genius!

Using these criteria, I come up with these options. Not really all that snazzy.

And then there’s the S+arck. Whoa. Perhaps one of these would be awesome on my wrist.

Or maybe I should go funky, or old school, or my little pony.

thoughts? suggestions?

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