Sometimes I wish I was a crappy presenter.

Last night’s conference call about a presentation for school.
There were six of us on the phone call.

Teammate 1: Okay, so we’ve got our powerpoint together, how do we want to present this thing?
Teammate 2: I could start the presentation, maybe hit up slides 1 through 3?
Teammate 5: That’s good teammate 1. cool thanks.
Teammate 1: I could pick up for you there, but I’m not a very good presenter. It might be wiser to have someone else do it.
Teammate 2: Wait, should I go up to slide 4?
Teammate 4: Yeah, that’s a better breaking point.
Teammate 3: Agreed.
Teammate 1: So who’s going to present the next half? Does anyone want to do it?

Complete silence.

Teammate 1:
okay. Well then. Mike D? Can you do it?
Mike D: Awwww man. Darn it. Ugh. Fine I’ll do it.

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