Tough Night.

DISCLAIMER: Mom, don’t read this post.

It was a tough night at Kung Fu.

Yes, I learned a lot and my body was hardened more to pain, but at the moment the swelling is angular. Imagine embedding a doorstop under your skin. That’s what my swollen thigh looks like. Not a huge doorstop like the kind you had in middle school shop class, just a normal one.

I don’t know why the swelling is angular, perhaps that’s just how my body reacts after getting two swift and brutal roundhouse kicks to the upper thigh. The pain has been pretty consistent for the past three hours. I downed some drugs and currently have a bag of frozen raspberries strapped to my leg; hopefully, I’ll be able to get to bed soon.

The two kicks were very well placed. In fact, I dare say they hit the exact same spot. Also, they weren’t like “heeey, here’s a kick… ::Tap::” No. this is the kind of kick that, second time around, literally knocked me off my feet. I crumbled to the ground like a sleeping bag full of mashed potatoes.

Ben, the opponent with legs like railroad cars, is one of the most advanced fighters at our academy. We’re training him for a big competition coming up in Florida and by ‘training’ I mean that we stand up against him trying to buy time with jabs and crosses to limit the number of times he’ll come sweeping in with a combo that ends with you lying prone and helpless while you mentally ping your limbs to see if you get a response.

I like fighting Ben. It’s easy to learn a lot when your opponent has alarming control over his body. Yes, you will get hit. and you will get hit hard, but it’s worth it. If I can someday be as good a fighter as Ben, I will have succeeded with my Martial Arts. Just these last few weeks of training with him has greatly improved my skills. I’m getting faster and more aggressive. My strikes are packing more punch and I think… I hope I’ll get to the point where I too will be a force to be reckoned with.

Until then, I would advise all of you to invest in frozen raspberries.

One thought on “Tough Night.

  • 9/10/2008 at 6:46 pm

    Wow. This sounds like so much fun. Told all my library and quilting buddies about it and we all want to sign right up. Can’t wait to get going. Woo hoo.


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