One thought on “TED Talk.

  • 9/7/2008 at 5:50 pm

    This is excellent- I watched all of it.
    However, has anybody ever been kind of suspicious about this stuff? I mean, it’s so complicated and uses so many words ending in “billion” or “billionth” that I wonder if they’re not just making it all up, and in the meantime squandering fund money on an enormous underground arcade. Scientists from around the world would come in their finest lab coats, pockets filled to the brim with quarters, periodically releasing news of another fictitious sub-atomic particle to satiate public curiosity while they hone their skills at Pac-Man.
    Who’s to say that the pictures of Atlas or any of the other super-complex electronic equipment in this LHC aren’t actually human neural linkups, or immersive super-computers designed to realize the latest super-sized holographic virtual reality version of Doom 3?
    I mean what are you going to do, argue with them? It’s the perfect plan!


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