The Answer to this Week’s Feature Question

This week I asked people for their guesses on the number of posts and comments on

The answer to the question is:

Total Posts: 3,108
Total Comments: 13,181

Kurt stole the closest guess on posts from Irene with 3001
Shamus had a disgustingly close guess on comments with 13,179

What?!?! Shamus was TWO off? Holy Crap?

Shamus wins.

UPDATE: WIN REVOKED – Shamus cheated. for SHAME shamus. For Shame.

Kurt now wins both. But he just stole his guesses from Irene.

Irene wins.

2 thoughts on “The Answer to this Week’s Feature Question

  • 8/15/2008 at 11:41 am

    Did Bob Barker tell the person they won, but they stole the answer. No. Its a legitimate guessin strategy!

  • 8/15/2008 at 3:06 pm

    Yes, but I also want to reward the first guesser. I’ll have to come up with an algorithm that takes accuracy and some how incorporates the time of guess as well. That way it’s not always just the last commenter who wins the prize.

    On the PiR, there’s a defined order of guessing. We don’t have that here so I have to give some bonus credit to those who get their guess in first.

    Your strategy was good however, so you still get some kudos for sure.


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