Climbing and the Upcoming weekend

I hit up some climbing last weekend with Pete and Crystal pre-polo. We went to Cathole in Meriden and after I quickly ran up Saturday night special and Millions of dead dogs, I gave pete my gear. He laced up Golden book, Crystal followed, and then we set up mindbender. (here’s a picture of some random dude at the crux of mindbender). Mindbender is a tough route. The top has this short out-jutting roof that’s mildly intimidating – especially since the corner is reasonably exposed. The holds are solid and I’m sure there’s a way to do it really smoothly, though my attempt was very sloppy.

I guess you can lead it, as is evidenced by that guy in that photo. I think it’d be fun to learn the moves a bit more and give leading it a shot. I think I’d want to get a bit more comfortable with the climb first though.

Anyway, This upcoming weekend should be decent. Tonight I’m meeting up with some pals in Rhode Island for an Astronomy night. We’re going to the Frosty Drew Observatory. I suspect great times. Saturday there might be a pool party (pool party?!?!) and Sunday some calm before next week’s work storm.

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