At Kung Fu there’s a sparring opponent who is particularly intimidating. He’s extremely talented and accurate with his strikes, but they definitely have some umph behind them.

I have mixed opinions when it comes to fighting him. It’s great for my abilities, because it very much forces me to block better, strike faster, and be aggressive… but at the same time you can pretty much expect to get a beating – And it’s very hard to play hard when you’re anticipating damage.

Last night I sparred with him and it went okay. He landed about five or six strikes that knocked me back or out of balance enough so that if it were a match he’d immediately be declared winner. But I got in one or two good strikes of my own including one sweet jab to his head which caught him off guard (though to be honest it was probably more luck than skill).

Kung Fu Roland fought him next. KF Roland is extremely fast and has great fundamentals and flexibility which tend to yield positive results in a sparring ring. I didn’t see much of the fight, but I know it ended with Roland on the receiving end of a very bloody nose. When he came out of the bathroom, nose gauzed up, his kung fu shirt was splattered with blood.

It looked really really hardcore.

So here’s to you Kung Fu Roland. I hope your nose isn’t broken and that next time you’re the one catching his kicks.

2 thoughts on “Bloodied.

  • 7/16/2008 at 1:50 pm

    Who knew that I’d have to get my face smashed to make the blog? This should be a regular column, as each year I tend to have at least one highly visible injury on my face. Last year, a kick by Sihing Mark to the eye, this year a bloodied shirt from a cross that landed just right to the side of my nose.
    I’m happy to report that the bleeding has stopped and I’m left with only a slight bruise, sore nose and sore ego. I’ve learned that it is bad fighting style to block with your face.

    I took pictures of both, and will forward for your judgement of use. You may want to include one of those warnings for those viewers that can’t handle such grotesque images. :)

    Catch you at Fu!

  • 7/16/2008 at 2:01 pm

    Yes! e-mail the pictures over! I’ll post them and, in the process, totally freak my mother out. She’s scared for my kung fu life.


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