Rock amongst the stars.

In my Saturday class at RPI we had a visit from Captain Dan Burbank. He’s an astronaut that has been on two space shuttle missions. He came in to talk to us a bit about the Columbia disaster. A lot of the things he said were totally and utterly fascinating. I’ve queued them up in the website’s inner workings, so for the first few days of this week we’ll have an automatic post go up around noon with some particularly interesting details of the Columbia disaster. This particular class might go down as the most entertaining and most interesting of any class yet. It was really spectacular.


Especially noteworthy about Captain Dan (outside of the fact that he’s been to space) is that he is a member of the band Max Q. It’s a band made of Astronauts. On my Saturday classes my classmate John and I get together to jam out a bit on our guitars. So after Captain Dan’s speech, I approached him, Thanked him for coming, and asked him if he’d like to come jam with us. It’s not everyday that you can rock out with an astronaut.

Sadly, his schedule didn’t allow it. He had to go help his wife with some kayaks. Anyway, here’s to you Dan Burbank. Your speech was awesome and I appreciate that you know how to wail.


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