Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier.

Friends? I’d like to introduce you to my new guitar amplifier: Zeus.


Look out internet, Zeus will shake you with its Thunder.

Volume scale:

1. Loud.
2. Do not play in a confined space without ear protection. Damage to ears is possible.
3. Suggested volume for practicing in a basement with your band.
4. In an average space, this volume will drown out your bassist and rhythm guitarist
5. Clears sinuses.
6. Acceptable volume for playing in an Arena.
7. Frees slaves.
8. Cures cancer.
9. Builds dynasties.
10. Spurs Revolutions.
11. Provides evidence for the Big Bang Theory.


has only two channels. The current Mesa Dual Recs on the market have three channels, but their sound isn’t quite the same as the original two channel variety. The two channels pretty much indicate rock and more rock. Zeus contains 6L6 and KT-88 vacuum tubes. I’m going to play around with those a bit and try to find a good set of tubes to complement my playing preference. Zeus is a beautiful machine.

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