Telling Evidence

Ring Ring!

Mike D: good morning this is Mike D!

Ed: Goodmorning Mike, this is Ed.

Mike D: Hi Ed. Did you get my e-mail about the stainless steel tubing?

Ed: Yes.

Mike D: Awesome.

Ed: In fact, I got all 103 e-mails from you about the stainless steel tubing.

Mike D: huh?

Ed: My inbox contained 103 e-mails from you this morning.

Mike D: Oh no…

Ed: I guess your computer spazzed out a bit?

Mike D: Oh no…. You weren’t the only person I e-mailed this morning…

Ed: You best make some phone calls. Otherwise I suspect all your correspondents today will open up their e-mail to find hundreds of e-mails from you.

Happy Wednesday Everybody!

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