VOX & Blindsight

I got quite a bit of work done this weekend. While I spent much of my Saturday and part of my Sunday doing work for work and school, I did have an opportunity for some sit down time. The time spent sitting was spent mostly with a guitar in hand as I worked out the intricate details of my VOX toneLab which, as I learn of its potential, has me wondering if I need a hardcore Amp Head. This pedal just might have enough to keep the sound heavy. I’ll keep you updated.

And last night the Fun Club got together to check out BlindSight. It’s a documentary about 6 blind Tibetan teenagers who go on an adventure climbing one of the peaks adjacent to Mount Everest. It was both heartbreaking and inspirational. In Tibet, if you’re blind the populous assumes it’s because you did something horrible in a previous life. Because of this, many of the children were scorned by their parents and families. Some were openly called a burden and a disgrace. They got out of their houses and went to a school for the blind where they developed new skills. And then, they got a unique opportunity to meet Erik Weihenmayer the first blind individual to climb Everest. Erik motivated them and got a team of guides together to help the kids climb a 21,000 ft peak next to Everest. They suffered from altitude sickness, stumbled, and lost faith but kept onward. I won’t tell you what happened, but I will say that after their adventure, those six kids were able to go onward and achieve really amazing things.

And now it’s Monday! And we’re back in business.

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