This morning’s traffic reports sounded more like a who’s who of Connecticut’s major highways.

Rt91 north? Flipped over box truck by Hartford
Delays extending 15 exits south to Meriden onto rt 691
Delays extending onto Rt 372
Delays extending onto Rt 3

Rt84 east? Accidents. plural.

Rt95 south? Sedan, flipped… onto jersey barrier.
Delays extending 15 exits north, curiosity factor extending delays south 6 exits.
Delays extending onto Rt 91 south 9 exits.

Rt84 west? Jammed into Hartford.

Interestingly, this corresponds pretty well to my decision to focus on traffic and road rage for an economics paper. I think it could prove to be pretty interesting.

One thought on “Traffic.

  • 5/7/2008 at 7:26 am

    I saw a flipped moving truck on 84 east around exit 30 yesterday morning at 6:45. I have no idea how that driver managed to do it…


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