A Letter

Dear Friends with Allergies,

In all the years before Connecticut, I only had a vague idea of what this whole ‘allergy’ thing was all about. Slightly stuffy nose? yeah. Occasional sneezes? sure.

I had no idea.

First the eyes. For those of you in industry, it can be as bad as welders flash. Unbearably dry itching death. Like someone cleaned your contact lenses with a fine sand before you had a chance to use them. Who knew pollen could be so irritating? not this guy. that is certain.

The description ‘runny nose’ doesn’t do this ailment justice. When the armies of pollen come out to fight you can’t use tissues fast enough to stop the floodwaters.

The Sneezes are persistent. Not constant for me, but still notably annoying.

Ears. I don’t think this is common: I get a perpetual sound of wind in my right ear. It’s very subtle… unless I’m trying to sleep. Then there’s a freight train on my pillow.

Hopefully this rain will crush the allergen front and soon we’ll be living in healthy allergy free bliss once again.

Mike D.

One thought on “A Letter

  • 4/28/2008 at 9:27 pm

    Dear Mike D,

    This will probably be one of the more bizarre things you’ve ever seen but I highly recommend a Neti Pot – basically it’s something that looks like a little teapot, which you fill with water and a little salt and you stick it up your nose, tilt your head a certain way, and the WATER FLOWS OUT YOUR OTHER NOSTRIL!!

    Why? you may ask – it flushes out your sinuses in a way simply blowing your nose could never achieve.

    I’ve only just discovered this strange practice but you can find them in health food stores and online, and in the few days I’ve used one …

    NO SEASONAL ALLERGIES! also no congestion of any sort really.

    And this is coming from someone who relied on daily Flonase (the nasal spray allergy medicine) to get through two summers.

    Plus it’s much cheaper than allergy medicine – a pot is like $15 and you just use salt water.

    Also, no it doesn’t feel like water going up your nose, and I can’t tell you why that is…maybe because it doesn’t go up so far. I don’t know.

    A former seasonal allergy sufferer


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