A DiDonato Food Fest.

On a recent Sunday I headed back to Boston where my family was meeting for a cooking event of epic proportions.

The D’s: Me, Dad D, Mom D, Alicia D-P, Dwane P, and Tree D were accompanied by my Uncle John, Family Friends Peter and Joan, and College Friends Tom & Mykal.

The venue? Eurostove in Beverly Mass.

The food? Italian.


We arrived around 2:30 and got started pretty much right away. Susan Lacy, a woman of incredible culinary skill, lead us in a mass cooking party. We made intense tuna salads, oysters, manicotti, honey balls, beef wraps… the list goes on.

Check out pictures… here!

One thought on “A DiDonato Food Fest.

  • 4/2/2008 at 4:15 pm

    If I might add: The Stove: Elctrolux Induction, AMAZING.


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