Goodbye, PRS!!

As most of you know, I spent this fall researching guitars, looking to replace my old guitar with something of much higher quality. After talking with dozens of people and doing hours of research, I finally settled on getting a PRS 513. It took five months to get here.

However, for the same reasons that I switched from my old CC Clark to the PRS, today I have done the unthinkable — I traded in my PRS. Don’t get me wrong, PRS makes a fine guitar, with smooth action, and solid neck. The problem is, it’s holding me back; the poor 513 simply can’t rock as hard as I can. So, I traded in.

Behold, my new guitar!!

The main difference between this guitar and my PRS is that this guitar is being ripped in half by a scythe. It also has a skull instead of neck pickups, which gives the guitar a slightly “quackier” sound.

Overall, I am very pleased with this guitar, it is way better than my PRS, and I think, a wise purchase.

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