An Irish Pub in Wallingford

Last night I got back from Pittsburgh around 8:30 and zipped over to the climbing gym, figuring I could get a little time in before the doors closed. Irene, Kay, Chris, and Joel were there amongst others. After the gym we all headed over to ‘The Dublin’ in Wallingford.

What a neat place! They had authentic Irish music and authentic Irish people there. The rest of the crowd got beer and wings and we sat chatting and listening to the band. The band isn’t there all the time, just on occasional planned Thursdays. Regardless, I hope this place becomes a more regular destination for us. It was a really nice off-the-beaten path place. I need to find more niche places like this in CT.

One thought on “An Irish Pub in Wallingford

  • 3/7/2008 at 2:32 pm

    I know the Irish for the phrase “Are you going dancing tonight?” I have yet to use it even though I know many Irish partly because all my grandparents are irish!


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