Four days of Thrills.

So the last four days have been pretty wild. I’ll start with Thursday and include updates of the rest of this past weekend as this week progresses.

Thursday night I played at an open mic in Berlin. The place is called the Pine Loft. It’s actually a pizza parlor and not the type of place you’d expect to have an open mic setup. Tall pine columns and bright heavy floors give the feeling of a boy-scout camp more than a musical oasis, but the organizers do a good job with it. The guy running the sound seems to know what he’s doing and the musicians who play are quite skilled.

I went with Keller, Ernie, Cordelia, Cathryn, and John. I played two tunes: Sunshower by Chris Cornell and Posters by Jack Johnson. I would rate my performance as ‘passable’.

Waaay more cool was the fact that I got a whole bunch of compliments on my beautiful guitar. It was refreshing and made me quite proud. Boy that thing is nice. I’ve been trying to get practice time in every day. Soon… yes… soon I will be able to play guitar well enough to live up to this guitar’s majesty.

As for a name? I’m still not decided. At the moment I’m leaning towards ‘Olivia‘. Specific heat, which got the most words of praise in the previous post, is too long for me. It doesn’t have any mystique to it either. The greek names intrigue me as well. I remain undecided.

5 thoughts on “Four days of Thrills.

  • 2/25/2008 at 5:45 pm

    I came to see if you posted a CTRG bout review but I may as well make a comment on your guitar names since I have one. Persephone is my choice. You are the Hades to your guitar Persephone. When you lift her up and pluck her strings, you take her to the underworld where you and she exist as the ruler of all things dark, delicate, ghostly (and evil, if you like it that way…). It is a myth (and a goddess) of transport…where you take her, where you take the people who listen to you as you play. You stole her, you control her, but you can’t live without her. Everybody wants her but she’s yours. I haven’t heard you play, but this is definitely a guitar name if I ever heard one. Peekaboom

  • 2/25/2008 at 6:00 pm


    Thanks for your comment! I was actually considering Persephone as a name. Excellent argument!

    Roller Girls are excellent with names, so I will take your suggestion very seriously. What did you name your guitar?

    I hope to have the recap up later this evening. Rock on!

  • 2/25/2008 at 7:58 pm

    Gaea or Sisyphus

    Gaea was the goddess of earth (or rock if you want to take its meaning really loose)

    Sisyphus was the dude that kept rolling that giant rock up the hill. So technically he was the first to “Rock and Roll” so to speak (yes i know it’s a bad pun, but it made me laugh). They say a Sisyphean task is an impossible one…s a Sisyphean Guitar is an impossible one to top! (if only it didnt look like Sissypus)

  • 2/26/2008 at 6:14 pm

    Mike D, I am officially tossing SCARLETT into the ring. A real star AND, leaving out the extra T, the color of your guitar. Remember, Natalie and Scarlett are together on the big screen – it would be nice for them to be together at the House of Rock.


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