This was a strangely busy weekend. I say ‘strangely’ because despite a somewhat busy schedule, I got a lot of stuff done and managed to close Sunday out with a little relaxation. Friday was the final class in my supply chain course, Saturday concluded Ethics. Both courses were okay, I’m not a huge fan of either topic so I’m glad to see them concluded. Let’s look at the progression charts.


Not too shabby.

Saturday night I helped Shamus move into his new place up in Vernon. Prior to going to his place I picked up a few things at guitar center including the “Guitar Grimoire” which, so far, has been quite a challenge. The Guitar Grimoire is a collection of scale exercises that should help to improve my speed and comfort with performing sick absurd riffs. The exercises themselves aren’t overwhelming, it’s just getting over the habits that I have already developed and learning new picking techniques.

Sunday saw some academics with Pete, a couple hours at work, and then some climbing. I finished a 5.12 that would best be described as “pretty darn hard.” After climbing I made some delicious Goulash, practiced guitar for an hour or so, and then got into some reading and half of a film that came highly recommended from Jess.

The book: The Tipping Point.
it describes the point where trends, illnesses, and ideas go from small to huge. I really like the ideas presented. I’ll write a more comprehensive review upon completing the book.

The movie: Everything is Illuminated
A Warner Bros independent film that, so far (I’ve only watched 45 minutes), is pretty excellent.

And now it’s Monday and we’re back in business. This year is zipping by rather quickly.

One thought on “Weekend

  • 2/19/2008 at 1:03 am

    Everything is Illuminated was QUITE excellent.

    mostly i just wanted to say hello. i thought of you and how i haven’t been to mikedidonato.com in some time. and here i am. hope all is well sir!


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