I watched the game last night at my classmate Lee’s place. Lee is fantastic and his party was an excellent representation of this. I went with Keller (who happened to go to school with Eli Manning… though they were not in the same social circles) and while there Keller shared an interesting story. Take it away Keller!

One night a couple friends and I went out to a bowling alley… it was a real dive of a place. There were just two groups there. Us and a few local drunks down at the other end of the alley. The place was pretty dead. Anyway, we’re in the middle of playing when suddenly Peyton Manning comes in. You can imagine our surprise, because this isn’t exactly the type of place where you would expect Payton Manning to come into. He walks over and says “hey, has anyone seen Eli?”

Apparently Eli hangs out in those types of places.

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