The End.

Dear Internet,

There it is. 744 posts. One an hour for the entire month of January 2008.

What a weird month. During a normal cycle of blogging, I find 20 minutes here or there to do posting for a day. This month… I would have five days in a row of no posting what-so-ever… and then sit down for 7 hours of post preparation in a single day. It was really annoying at times (the airport quiz? Good Heavens. that took freakin’ forever), but it was only a bit overwhelming for the last week or so. Most nights this last week required my staying up until 11:30 or 12:00 to get the next day ready to go. Not Cool.

Will I do this again? Never. Not a chance. First of all, the night posts were usually useless. If I were to ever do a mass posting event again, I would only schedule new content maybe from… 7am to 7pm. Those appear to be the hours that most people read. Heck, had we done that we could have gone on for TWO straight months.

A few people asked if I’d be so worn out by the marathon of posting if I’d ever get on the computer to put a post up again. Is this the end of Nah. probably not. Even during all the mayhem I’d occasionally wish that I didn’t have automatic posts scheduled because I had some wild story to share. So there will be more in store on this website.

When can you expect the next update? Well. It won’t be in an hour. That’s for sure. I may take a day or two off to let the smoke settle. Either way I’ll probably be back in the normal schedule within a week.

Thanks again to all the readers and contributors. I hope you had loads o’ fun.

We’ll talk soon,
Mike D.

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