Content Giants.

There were about 30 people who contributed to this marathon of posts. This is a representation of the biggest contributors

#1. Mike D.
370 posts

Not too much of a surprise here. what is amazing is that I ONLY wrote about 370 of the posts. When I started this thing I had assumed that I’d be writing WAY more than that. 370 is still a lot though. I’m tired.

#2. Ryan Schenk
113 posts

Ryan helped a lot. his day of mustaches was huge. As was the brevitous guides and just the shear mass of ridiculousness. Ryan also deserves credit for… well… the whole thing. it was his idea. He also thought up the poptarts idea and the Monster Truck idea. Well done Ryan!

#3. Kurt
40 Posts

Kurt’s full day really brought up his numbers. And it gave me a huge rest halfway through the month. Kurt also came through on nearly (if not every) challenge that I sent out to the group. Personal favorite? The shirt story. Thanks Kurt!!!

#4. Jesse
38 Posts

Just three posts behind Kurt, Jesse cashed in with finding all those break dancing videos and helping with monster trucks and his epic travel adventures. Well done dude.

#5. Chris
29 Posts

Amazing! Especially for joining so late in the game. Heck, when 720 started I didn’t even know that Chris read the website. In fact, I’m not sure if he did prior to 720. Thanks Chris!!

After the top five we had:

Shaun McQuaid: 17
Theresa: 14
Alicia: 12
Sander: 12
Ruth: 11

Tim, J2, Shamus


Roland, Mom, Nicole


And the rest are under five. But, that doesn’t mean those last handful weren’t helpful. In fact, between them, those last handfuls of people provided over a day worth of posts. And believe you me… saving me a day lifted a huge burden.

Thanks contributors!!!

3 thoughts on “Content Giants.

  • 1/31/2008 at 9:10 am

    Honestly, I read your site maybe a few times off Irene’s computer at work previous to the “name that riff” competition. Then, it was on! And, just like Ryan taking pictures of himself, I was addicted and couldn’t stop.

  • 1/31/2008 at 11:01 am

    Sorry, but there are a lot of pictures of you on the website.


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