Ryan’s Dad Tells a Story of Fish.

FISH STORY ALERT!!! We got to the lake around 2:30 PM. At 3:00
o’clock I got dressed for success, gathered up my ice fish’en gear and
headed out. I went out about 40 yards, augured my first hole and
commenced to ice fish’en. I sat there oh I’d say for 20 minutes with
maybe one bite, no fish. I walked out another 15 yards and drilled my
second hole. I sat there for a couple minutes and bang!, a pretty big
fish came a callen, but he got off. I brought up my bait, adjusted
the waxworm on the hook and sent it back down.

Moments later, BANG!

This time he was ON! I’d reel up a little, the fish took some line (I
had the drag set properly – dumb luck!). The rod was bent in two! I
got him close to the bottom of the hole.

Is it a pike?

No, it’s alargemouth bass!!

Charlie Moore would have been proud!
I got him almost out of the hole when the line broke. Larry Largemouth headed
for Davey Jones locker. But, because of the way the hole wasn’t cut
straight plus there was an underwater lip left on the ice by the
cutting blade of the auger, he couldn’t swim to freedom! His tail was
flapping above the hole, so I reached in the icy water and tried to
grab Larry. No luck, he was too slippery. I stood over the hole in

What happened next you ask??

Larry shot out of the hole and onto this ice! Larry with my cherished bait
in his mouth were laying next the the hole!!

Hallelujah Hollywood!!

I got the bait out of Larry’s mouth and held him up with pride.
He was probably 12″ long! I bid Larry farewell and sent him on his way
through the ice labyrinth and back to the happy depths of Londo Lake. That
was the first bass I ever caught through the ice. I was getting pretty cold
so I came in the house to warm up and to tell the fish story!

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