Speaking of bands, mine got together this past weekend. Dave (guitarist), Jaime (drummer), and I rocked out for a couple hours yesterday.

I am stoked. I think that this thing has a pretty good chance to get us out to a few bars and such by… say… June-ish. It will also help further justify the purchase of the PRS513. Speaking of which…

I got a call in early January from Guitar center. I picked up the phone to hear: “Your Guitar is here.”

the next night I drove up to Hartford, giddy with the anticipation of a black cherry PRS513. I arrived and the box stood majestically against the PRS desk. Brian came out and greeted me:

“Mr. DiDonato! Come to the desk and open your guitar!”

I walked over to the case. Unclicking the three locks, I braced myself and pulled up the lid… but the guitar wasn’t red. It was blue.

“huh? This isn’t a black cherry PRS513”
“uh oh.”

And as it happens, PRS made a mistake. They’d supplied the wrong guitar. So I went home guitarless that night… and we’re probably still 3 months out.


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  • 1/29/2008 at 10:35 am

    Man! That is sad. Sorry buddy. Hope the new one comes soon.


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