Recently Ryan Schenk sent me a quick GoogleChat suggesting that we brainstorm some sweet Monster Truck names.

We spent a good hour going back and forth with names. Once we had amassed a large enough collection, I got to work with MSPaint… and almost immediately realized that I would be unable to finish 22 monster trucks representations.

Instead of just giving up, I contacted an elite team of MSPaint Rockstars (Roland, Jesse, Patrick, and RyanSchenk) and asked them to participate. Sure enough, between the five of us in just a few days we had come up with a enough MSPaint representations of the sweet monster truck names.

There are some good ones. Keep your eyes out for: Soul Reaper, Optimus Crime, and SnakeBite. those are some of my favorites. Also, if you want a challenge, try to guess the artist of each Monster Truck. Enjoy!

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