Part II – King’s Canyon Catastrophe

We headed onward! Not five minutes later, we reached a rock wall. It was really a slab wall, with a not terribly intimidating slope – kind of a rocky hill climb. I’d give it a 5.4. It appeared to go on for maybe 40 feet, so I told Alicia I would scamper on ahead and see if it looked like the right way. I spent about 10 minutes scrambling to the top, at which point I had a view down into the other side of the Canyon. Just as promised, there was an idyllic scene of maybe 40 people, young and old, splashing around and frolicking in the cool mountain waters. I came back down and told Alicia that we should go on ahead, with the caveat that I had no idea how to get from the top down to the other side. But, I had seen elderly folks and young children up there, so it couldn’t be THAT hard, right? If so many people had decided to come, it couldn’t be a bad choice.

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