Kurt also plays with the Kitchen Gadget theme.

Kitchen Gadget Short story


He laid there next to his brothers. All spiky haired and slim. They all were content with their lot in life, being a tool for another’s use, but not him. He had a purpose. He had a reason to wake up in the morning. Had. When he read the letter he cried silvery tears of pain. how could she. Every night they would see eachother. 14 years. a connection was made. A bond was formed. Vacations camping, family dinners….they were always together. No longer. Laying next to each other on their satin lined place, they shared good times. The crack that formed when they used to clash, was fixed with a glue stronger than any other. Love. or so he thought. They could weather anything together. or so he thought… The crumpled paper was the last he had of her. it was all she left him.

She had ran away with the spoon.


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