Irene goes to Venice

Travel story:

One time I went to Venice for the weekend. I was surprised at how much we were able to see in such little time. The Venetian airport is neat. It is completely surrounded by water, and you have to leave the airport via water taxi. We saw a lot of the city in those few days. It’s an interesting place because there is so much history there, but at the same time some sections are more reminiscent of a modern day metropolis. We took a gondola ride around the city.


The gondolas are all different and are painted with intricate designs and stories (and yes, the gondolier will serenade you if you ask!).

We learned that apparently you can buy a palace in Venice for only $700,000, but you must preserve it exactly as it was when it was built. The problem is that Venice is slowly sinking, and many of the buildings become eroded and flooded, and it would be your job to keep your palace in tip top appearance, down to the last detail including paint color.


Venetians are also famous for glass blowing (the famous Murano glass company is there). We went to see some live action glass blowing and it was fascinating.


Those guys are so quick, yet the pieces are so detailed! Amazing! It was also about 110 degrees F in there (43.4 degrees C). They also have lace shops and inside are two little old ladies hand making lace. I love worldly crafts and culture, and visiting Venice made me appreciate the beauty of tradition in a world where mass production and consumerism reigns. The amazing Italian food didn’t hurt either.

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