My mom corrects the Ice Cream story

Mom D.: by the way, that ice cream was when somebody by mistake ran into you on the playground and you hit your head
Mike D.: Oh! ha ha! I thought I was sick.
Mom D.: the teacher sent you to the nurse but you felt fine so instead of going to the nurse you just went and got a drink of water
Mike D.: ha ha ha
Mom D.: then the teacher asked if you’d seen the nurse, and you said no, you felt fine. so she made you go to the nurse who called and said you’d hit your head
Mike D.: ha ha ha ha
Mom: I asked if you’d lost consciousness, had blurred vision, felt an upset stomach, or had a headache and she said no, you felt fine, but most mothers would come get their kid. so I got my mike and we partied at Baskins

Three Cheers for Mom D.

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