Tim makes a mistake.

If you’ve never worn a wireless microphone before, they’re rather lightweight, hide under your shirt well, and you forget that they’re there after a bit. No, I’ve never gone undercover for the man, but I am on tv show #2 now (both for robots, what a geek!), so, I’m getting used to it.

Well, the other day, after having it on for several hours running the team brainstorming meetings, talking to the kids, and demonstrating stuff for the PBS camera guys, I was off to the side talking to one of my students. She told me a funny comment that the boom-mic operator had said earlier, and we both a a good laugh. Afterwards, I noticed that the two guys following us around were no longer being really nice to me as they earlier were. It then occurred to me that their headsets are linked directly to my mic and they heard us talking. Whoops

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