Day 18: KILL Something Day

Sounds pretty self explanatory. I really wanted to get into the spirit of this one so I plan on totally destroying several things. One my way to work I looked for any ants or bugs to step on. No luck. I snapped a little sapling in half near the roots. Take that! I did see a spider while at work and I stuck him in the autoclave. Booyah! I thought about killing one of the turkeys that roam the area around my work, but I guess they are on a preserve of some sorts so I didn’t feel like going to jail.

But here is where I think I truly shined. I had read about this one a few days in advance. So I prepped a culture of Candida albicans, a yeast that I have cultures of in the lab, and grew it up for about 3 days or so. So I had about 56 colonies, each which contained several million, if not BILLION individual organisms! I took that entire plate and covered it in Spor-Klenz. Thats a disinfectant which is designed to kill yeast and mold! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!! Billions dead because of me!

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